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Style & Select is an interactive styling tool that you can provide your clients. You can utilize this service to pick and coordinate outfits for your clients or you can give them a styling code so they can style themselves. It is a merging of a Personal Stylist + Personal Shopper + Style Guide + Pinterest all rolled into one. The best part is, we do all of the work! You simply sign up as a member to have access to all of the items provided and coordination tool.

Step 1

Start Styling – fill out the questionnaire based on the amount of people in the session, their ages, sizes, vibe and color combos, or, send your access code to your client and let them do the above process.

Step 2

Results options are immediately shown. Select items with the heart symbol to view in the Coordination Bar. After selecting the base outfit, accessories can be selected to complete the look!

Step 3

Lastly, email the selections to your client so they can click on the shopping links to purchase the clothes directly from the retailers. Photographers who give out styling codes will receive a copy of their clients emailed results.

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the service and how it works. If you don’t find your answer here please contact us and we would be happy to assist you!

How do I offer this service to my clients?

You can help ease this stress of outfit coordination/shopping by signing up for the 12 month unlimited access plan or the monthly membership to provide this amazing resource to your clients. When you sign up as a member you will receive a welcome email with your own styling code that unlocks the Start Styling page. If you want to hand the styling process over to your clients you have the ability to generate/delete temporary access codes for your clients.

Who uses this resource?
Clients can use our services directly with a styling code you created for them or you can use it to style your clients and email results you have picked. It works for every type of session except weddings! Couples, Families, Newborns, Kiddos, Maternity and High School Senior sessions can be styled using this resource. We do all the leg work in finding photo approved clothing items, linking them to the correct stores and putting everything in certain categories to achieve the look you are going for.
What is the pricing?

There are two types of memberships: The monthly billed plan is $30/month and the 12 month unlimited access plan is $175. The 12 month membership does not automatically charge you again so you must renew when your membership is expired.

There is also a $15 trial for photographers to test things out before committing.

What are Styling Access Codes?
Once a member, you will receive a system generated styling access code to keep for your own use. You can also login to your Member Dashboard to create temporary access codes for clients and delete them at your own discretion. You can create a styling access code for each family/client or you can create monthly ones to give to clients that all have booked sessions in the same month. Once that month has passed – you can delete the code to ensure clients do not use at a later date or share with others.

Styling access codes are used to unlock the questionnaire to begin the styling process!

What questions are on the Style Questionnaire?
The Styling Questionnaire is where details about the session are entered: How many people, ages/sexes, color preferences, vibe of clothing.
What types of clothing stores are you pulling from?
We always pull from reputable stores such as H&M, Zara, Target, Old Navy, Torrid, Modcloth, and Free People. A large majority of items we select are budget friendly ranging from $10-$80. We do pick a few higher end pieces solely based on the brand such as FillyBoo.
How often are clothing items updated?
Clothing items are updated and added on a daily basis. Store links are checked weekly and deleted if the store has sold out of that particular item. We do encourage everyone to click the shopping link on their selected outfits to make sure everything is still in stock before emailing themselves the results.
What sizes do you offer?
Everyone deserves to look on point for their session no matter their shape or size. Sizes range from Newborn-Plus Size and Maternity is offered as well.
how does my client pick their outfits?
After the questionnaire has been submitted – results on the next page will be shown immediately and each clothing item has a heart icon that is used to select outfits for everyone in the session. These favorited items are automatically shown in the Coordination Bar that will allow users to view all outfits next to each other to ensure coordination and cohesive looks.
If I give access to my clients - how can they save their outfits?
Outfits are not saved internally within the site. Outfit selections must be emailed in order to be “saved”. Clients can also shop immediately by clicking on the shopping cart symbol. When a client emails themselves their selections – a copy of the same email will automatically be sent to you, their photographer.
What if they don't want to buy new things?
They do not have to buy every item that is selected. If they already own a similar button up, wedges, or pair of pants they can use those instead of the pieces displayed in their results. They may end up choosing to not buy anything that were in the results, but it could be used as a style guide to help them visualize different pieces that would look good together or piece together similar items they already have in their closets!