Styling Made Easy

You received a styling access code, now what?

Clothing choices are one of the most important components when prepping for a photo session. Style & Select takes the guesswork out of everything! From what colors coordinate all the way to photo-approved clothes – you will be able to find outfit ideas for everyone. Even better, if you find something you love you can shop directly from the retailers in just a few clicks! Favorite items per person to see how they coordinate together in our one-of-a-kind Coordination Style Board. Your Styling Access Code unlocks the questionnaire to begin the customized styling process.

Step 1:

Fill out Styling Questionnaire

Step 2:

View results immediately and select clothing items with heart icon

Step 3:

Email your outfits to your own email to shop!

Want some inspiration?

The blog is where we feature sessions from photographers who have used Style & Select and highlight Styling Tips to go along with each blog post!

I Provide Style & Select to my Clients – Now What?

Normally there is a style tip at the bottom of each blog, but today we will begin with a style tip! While solid white and khaki is the traditional color palette for beach sessions it is becoming more and more popular to wear gorgeous colors that compliment the...

Layers on Layers on Layers

Brrr! Most of the U.S. is under some pretty fierce weather right now (for those of you who are still basking in the sun, know this, we are jealous). In Missouri the temps get below 30 degrees and with windchills it can feel like it's in the negatives - so it is safe...

Photo Sessions are Special

Picking outfits for a photo session should be a really fun aspect of the process. Outfits are usually an expression of how we feel about ourselves and what we feel comfortable and confident in presenting to the outside world. Whatever style of person and/or family you...

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