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Well, hello there!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Holly and Melissa, the founders of Style & Select. We are photographers in the midwest, moms, full-time employees, entrepreneurs and travel bugs!

Together we own Honeytree Stills & Cinema, a wedding photography+videography company in Missouri, and we both operate separate family photography businesses (basically, we never sleep).

We struggled with finding the most efficient way to style our clients for their photo sessions. Constant text messages, emails back and forth with outfit ideas, and updating style guide templates every season. We obviously wanted our clients to look and feel amazing in their outfit selections and would spend a lot of time trying to help everyone. Style & Select does exactly what we were doing, personally, for our clients, but now it is available to everyone with just a few clicks!

We are SO excited that you are interested in helping your clients the same way we do and we can guarantee that your clients will be obsessed with this new styling tool.

Let’s all raise our glasses and cheers to making our clients look amazing!

-Holly & Melissa

Huge thank you to all of the photographers who let us utilize their images on our website!

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Who wants to save time styling their clients?