Houston, we have a wardrobe problem.

Your photo shoot has been booked and now it is time to go shopping! A lot of people become seriously overwhelmed when trying to plan and coordinate outfits. There are so many choices, colors, styles, and patterns!

Your photographer may not have a stylist on staff or an amazing Pinterest board full of inspo to send you. That’s ok because we become your personal stylist and shopper. So, you just relax and sip on some wine while we do the work. Cheers!


1) What types of questions are on the Style Questionnaire?

The questionnaire allows you to pick how many people you are needing to style, sizes, sex, color schemes and vibe of clothes (Casual, Vintage, Classy, etc).

2) What types of clothing stores are you pulling from?

We are only picking items from reputable stores that have a variety of clothing sizes such as Target, Old Navy, Lulu’s, Gap, H&M, Carter’s, etc. Once per week we will be featuring one smaller boutique in the selections.

3) How do I save my selected outfits?

There is an email and print icon on the Results page that will have your selected items displayed. Outfit selections are not saved within the website – so make sure you email yourself or print right away!

4) Do we buy clothes directly from Style & Select?

No. We are merely finding amazing clothes that all jive together and telling you where to buy them! Each item in the results page will display the price and the “shopping cart” icon on each item is a hyperlink that will take you directly to the store to buy it from.

5) What if I select a dress and when I click on the link to buy it – it is sold out?

If you select an item, but later find out that it is sold out or no longer available please feel free to contact us and we will personally find an item that is very similar! However, your results page should show you very similar items already.

6) Can I view my selections at a later date? Does my Photographer see our selected outfits?

Right now, your selections are only saved if you have emailed it to yourself or printed it. Since clothing items are updated every 48-72 hours we cannot save your selected items within the site for a later date. The best thing to do is click the email/print button right after you have selected your outfits. If you email yourself the selected outfits then another email is automatically sent to your photographer as well.

7) My photographer doesn’t have a membership, but I want to play!

If you have stumbled upon our site and your photographer does not have a membership code with us (they really should because it’s a no brainer), don’t stress. You have the ability to sign up for a 30 day access code. Yep, we have thought of everything! Click here and select the 30 day plan!