Every photographer knows there are three main components to a successful photo shoot: Location, Chemistry and Outfits!

Style & Select is a wonderful tool that helps your clients by easing the burden of outfit coordination and brings your customer service to the next level. It also helps you because we do the work! No more style guide templates, Pinterest board updating, or emailing outfit ideas and links to your clients.

This is a resource that you can send to every single one of your clients when they book a session with you. You can incorporate this any way that fits your business. Either email the Style & Select link and your personal access code (we will get into that later) to let the client style their family, or you can fill out the questionnaire and style your clients for them! They will be thanking you to high heaven. Holla!


1) What stores will you be linking clothes from and what sizes?

We only pick clothes from reputable places such as Target, Old Navy, Lulus, Zara, H&M, Carter’s etc. We have a plethora of sizing options people can choose from. Infant through adult, as well as maternity.

2) What is the access code?

The access code is emailed to you when you sign up as a member. This is your private code that you can give to all of your clients. There is a Start Styling button at the top of the page and your code unlocks the Style Questionnaire and Results Pages. Aka, no code = no clothes.

3) Can I share my code with my photographer friends?

Well, you can but that would be silly. Our site is already evolving and soon we are adding new features that pertain to the email address used when initially signing up. Let’s say, if you hand your code over to your BFF photog, they will be missing out on new features that are going to be added since they do not have an email registered as a member. And you will be getting updates from that photographers’ clients – which are not your clients. So, basically, it’s best for everyone to have their own membership!

4) Can I see what my clients have picked?

Yes! A recent update is now allowing photographers to see what their clients have selected via email! Your client “favorites” their clothing items and when they email themselves the results it will also forward that email to you!

5) How often are the clothing selections updated/swapped out?

Every 72 hours there will be new items updated and switched out. This ensures that if you send your code to two clients a week they will most likely have several different results shown even if they coincidentally pick the same styling categories.

6) Is the membership on an auto-renewal basis?

No. This is a one time fee that is good for 12 months. The code that you receive is only activated for 12 months and if you wish to continue your membership you must sign back up. If you like the service and you know your clients use it, you will have no problem remembering to sign back up when it comes time. The 30 day access plan is also a one time fee.

7) Is there a way to hide certain vibes or color combos?

As of right now, No. Due to the nature of the site and you paying for access to it, there is no way to personalize it to vibes or colors. This is where you can educate your clients in guiding them to stay away from certain colors or certain vibes. In a future update we hope to have Style & Select as an embeddable program that photographers can install on their own website, which would allow everyone to customize it to their own business.


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