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I want to try this service out. Can you tell me how it works?

Signing up for the 15 day trial is a great way to test out the services before committing to a full year or monthly plan. The trial is a one time fee and automatically expires in 15 days, no need to cancel. Style & Select is a daily updated styling resource for you and your clients to utilize in viewing, coordinating and shopping for clothing items from all different retailers. Think of it as a google style board that is pulling in photo approved styles of clothing from well known retailers all into one place. If you would like to upgrade during or after your trial, you can do so in your member account. If you are looking for more information about this service please visit pricing page.

Client says Styling Codes are invalid.

If a client is saying they are getting an invalid code when trying to access the Questionnaire – chances are, either your membership has expired or it is simply user error. Please login to your account and renew your membership to reactivate your codes. If your membership is still active the best way to test for user error is to try it yourself. Click on your personal styling link (button located at the top of your member account) and enter the styling code you provided your client. If the questionnaire unlocks, then you know the client has made an error along the way. The best way to avoid client error is to send them your personal styling link URL and styling code, not the main Style & Select website. Your personal styling URL will bypass the main site and have your email already filled in for the client.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your monthly or annual subscription at any time. Login to your account and click on Settings and then Subscriptions. There you will find a button to cancel your membership. We do not offer refunds for canceling after that month has already been billed or for the annual plan you are currently in. Once you have canceled your account will disable at the end of your billing period.

15 day trial plans require no cancelling – they are a 1 time fee.

I am not in the US, will this service work for me?

Style & Select can be accessed from anywhere, but it is a US based site. We pull from several International retailers and even small boutiques that are located outside of the US. However, we cannot guarantee that 100% of the result items can be shipped to your exact location and we are not responsible for currency rates and shipping fees. If you are wanting to offer this service, email us and we will provide you with a membership discount. A majority of our International members use the Results to help their clients visualize how to coordinate and look for when shopping locally.

I would love to be included on the Map!

The map is a new feature that is a huge perk for our members. If you are a member you can login to your account and add information to your profile that will show up on our Find a Photographer Map.