Layers on Layers on Layers

Brrr! Most of the U.S. is under some pretty fierce weather right now (for those of you who are still basking in the sun, know this, we are jealous). In Missouri the temps get below 30 degrees and with windchills it can feel like it’s in the negatives – so it is safe to say that a majority of us in the midwest move things inside for these winter months. However, the rest of you may still have access to decent days in your part of the world and, well, coordinating photo outfits must go on!

Let’s talk layers. Again, being from the midwest we get the extremes of both climates: ridiculously hot summers and insanely cold winters. This means we need our wardrobe to compliment all seasons, basically, only tank tops and cardigans exist in our closets. Tank tops and short sleeves to last us year round with cardigans to throw over during the chilly months. The same rule applies to photo sessions! Layering brings a lot of texture and mixed patterns to a cohesive look and it also serves the purpose to keep everyone warm. Win-win!

So, even though you may be in a colder climate and see tank tops or strappy maxi dresses in your results, you can always throw a slouchy cardigan over it or pair a long sleeve sweater and stockings with a cute toddler skirt. The accessories on Step Two are where you and your clients can find layering pieces, hats, stockings/socks, tall boots and much more! Just take a look at this gorgeous session by Style & Select member, Hazel + Honey. We adore the bold colors, subtle mix of patterns and the layering pieces that everyone is wearing!

Stay warm everyone!

-Holly & Melissa

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