Photo Sessions are Special

Picking outfits for a photo session should be a really fun aspect of the process. Outfits are usually an expression of how we feel about ourselves and what we feel comfortable and confident in presenting to the outside world. Whatever style of person and/or family you are should come through in your photos and that is where outfits play a big factor. For many little girls – wearing twirl dresses and “princess” dresses make them feel special. And for many adult women we feel excited to dress up for that banquet event or dress up for that charity event. Why? Because we are given permission to dress a specific way that ultimately makes us feel glamourous. That is exactly what a photo shoot should feel like – it should make you feel special, alive and excited.

People have become accustomed to scheduling photo sessions once a year or even multiple times per year which can ultimately take away the magic of them. We want updated family photos so frequently that it becomes a huge obligatory “task” on the calendar instead of a wonderful and special event. Weddings are a beautiful event that we all envision the perfect dress, the perfect photographer, and perfect little details to make everything come together. Why do we disregard those same expectations for other types of photoshoots? Because we, as society, do not view the other sessions as special events. Now, we aren’t saying that everyone needs to go out and buy the fanciest dresses or outfits for their family photo shoot, but we want to offer the idea that it is OK to get excited about getting all dolled up (in whatever sense that is to you).

It is OK to say to yourself, “You know what, I want to feel stunningly beautiful in these photos and have my spouse look so amazing I won’t want to keep my hands off him/her. I want to have my make up done by a professional, have my daughters pick outfits that they would be excited to put on and have my son wear something that expresses his personality. I want to feel incredible and spend uninterrupted time with my family for an hour while a photographer documents this special moment of time in our lives.”

Because when we feel good about ourselves and our kids feel excited about what they get to wear instead of what they have to wear – it will lighten the mood leading up to the session. It allows everyone in the session to feel confident and ultimately enjoy the experience.

Cheers and Happy Styling,

Holly & Melissa

Session by the amazingly talented (and Style & Select member) Blue Grass Bebe out of Kentucky. You can follow her on Instagram too!

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